Academic Programs

Mining Engineering

Mining engineers supervise the mining process from start to finish. They examine all of the phases of mineral recovers, including exploration, processing, and marketing of minerals. Mining engineers might work in construction or demolition, precious metals, or even the explosives industry.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineers develop and promote the utilization of energy released from nuclear fission, fusion, and the decay of radioisotopes. S&T nuclear engineering grads work in the areas of nuclear reactor design, plant licensing, plant operation, fuel management and development, radioactive waste disposal, health physics, instrumentation and control, fusion research, space nuclear power, and applications of radioisotopes in industry, medicine, and research.

Explosives Engineering

We offer the nation’s first Ph.D. in explosives engineering. Explosives engineers work in mining, construction and demolition industries, among others. Some 6 to 7 billion pounds of explosives are used every year in the U.S., 85 percent in providing raw materials for a variety of uses and 12 percent for new construction.